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Hi, I'm Rob — a scruffy-looking kern herder.

I'm sorry — what?
Please stop.
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Over the past twenty years, I've used my creativity to elegantly communicate complex ideas and create emotional connections for clients ranging from start-ups to global institutions. I enjoy working with abstract concepts — leveraging my unique background for executions ranging from leading national rebrands, identity creation, experiential creative, product & apps, and marketing.

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I’m a visual creative who is jazzed about brand, technology, and bad design/Star Wars mash up jokes.

I'm proud of my wanderlust journey: from art school to movie sets to world-class agencies, immersive experiences, and award-winning product design. I have nearly two decades of experience in all manners of the creative process, which allows me to work in various industries and mediums.

I'm never far from creativity outside of the office — whether creating work with my partner Stephanie in our studio or running Steph's fashion start-up Kitschy Witch Designs™. I enjoy cooking, making obscure Star Wars references, tinkering with Arduino and vintage electronics, up-cycling, woodworking, playing games with friends, and hanging with my cat.

All cursor interactions you see on my site are an homage to the Sierra Online games I grew up playing.

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AAA, American Express, American Red Cross, Cabela’s, CFE Credit Union, Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, Feeding America, GEICO, GM/Chevy, H&R Block, Hellmann’s, IBM, Kid Robot, MTV, Scott Safety, Starbucks, State Farm, Team USA, TED, The Master’s, Tribeca Film Festival, Unilever, Zarbee’s Naturals

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Reach out if you want to chat about past work, talk about nerdy stuff like Sierra Games or need to track me down to hand me a cartoon bag of money.


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