Rob Harrigan | AI, Design & Branding
Rob Harrigan | AI, Design & Branding


Rob Harrigan is a design lead with a background in AI, immersive experiences, visual design, and branding.





Rob Harrigan is a creative whose motivation and ethos can be summed up in two words, elbow grease. Growing up in a blue-collar town, he has always appreciated a hard days work. It’s that passion that led him to excel as a freelance designer, senior in-house creative, creative lead at a world-class agency, and Design Lead at IBM Watson. 

Since joining IBM in March of 2015, Rob has led some of the highest visibility projects within IBM. Drove The Masters redesign pitch which won IBM iX the design business and reimagined how golf fans track their favorite players. They created a brand new interaction for IBM Watson with TED that explores their video library in a revolutionary manner and created immersive experiences for the Watson Client Experience centers. 

Before joining IBM, Rob was an Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather. There they sweat the details for clients ranging from global enterprises to one room start-ups — no matter the purse size or footprint, he loves partnering with passionate people and creating iconic work. A small list of clients includes GE, Tribeca Film Festival, American Express, Zarbee’s Naturals, Cabela’s, Hellmann’s, Tiffany, Citizens Bank, Phillips, and Team USA.

Outside of the office, Rob is never far from design & technology — whether creating work with his wife Stephanie in their studio or tinkering with Arduino, vintage electronics, and woodworking.


Best Irish Printed Book 2010
33rd Irish Print Awards

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Best Mobile Sports — 2016
Mobile Excellence Awards (MEAs)

Augusta National Golf Club and IBM’s 2016 Masters Golf Tournament App

35 Most Innovative Apps of 2016 and Finalist
Innovation By Design, Design
The Masters App


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