Unused B360 logo design
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Unused B360 logo design

B360 is a full-service development, design, and construction company in the NY metro area. They were looking to refresh their brand and wanted to explore directions that reinforced their fully integrated operating approach as well as create a more modern aesthetic for the brand. A mark that reflects B360’s modern, holistic & no bullshit approach to real estate development.

I explored several options but am presenting only my two favorites.

The first is a responsive mark that allows it to be adapted to feel evergreen and continuously changing. Created from shapes that are the basics of construction — the mark feels like room plans, architectural drawings, and building blocks. The second option, which is my favorite, simplifies “B360” into simple basic shapes to create an abstract and iconic mark. The design language expands upon the mark and reinforces the ideas of abstraction, reflections, and urban vistas.

Ultimately — the client chose to go another direction, but I still love some of the thinking in the design work.

b360 Loog Design Icons
B360 Logo Design Varaation 1
Combined B360 mark rationale
Redesign 3360 Logo Variation 2
Brand color palette
Animated pattern of design elements
Redesigned B30 marketing materials
Construction site barrier
Redesigned work van
Redesign construction helment
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