Conceptual fauxback uniforms
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Conceptual fauxback uniforms

My former football coach at Bermudian recently retired, and I took it as an opportunity to redesign the aesthetics and uniforms of Bermudian Springs’ sports teams. I've always loved the look of uniforms — actually when I was a kid I would say that fascination bordered on obsession. Growing up around Gettysburg had a major influence on me as I was consumed with Civil War uniforms for most of my childhood. Once I got into sports kepis and Union blues evolved to Yankee's pinstripes, Penn State's helmets, Celtic's hoops. I don't follow sports much anymore but I still obsess over uniforms and found out I'm not alone.

As a fun exercise, I wanted to explore my own take on my Alma Mater's look. I set out to establish a look that was not a derivative of a professional team and connect with the history of the sports program at “the Berm.” I looked at the history of athletics at Bermudian and established a fauxback alternative inspired by their pre-NFL swiped uniforms and set out to create consistency among sports.

If anyone from the Berm sees this and wants to use the designs let me know.

Bermudian current uniforms
What is Bermudian Springs?

 We are unfortunately not from 
a sunny island — it’s apple orchards 
and farm land. None of our fans 
ever yelled go Bermudian. 

They yelled GO BERM.
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Images of uniform closeups
Hero photo of home football uniform
Home football uniform
Away football uniform
Closeup of soccer uniform
Home soccer uniform
Away and Third soccer uniform
Away and Home basketball uniform
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