Watson Advanced Cognitive Tech brand

Graphic Design
Logos & Brand
Oct 2017
IBM Watson

The Watson Advanced Cognitive Technology and Solutions group was a small team focused on skunkworks and proof of concepts that demo and explain AI technology. They needed a way to share demos and work with clients, and a way to champion themselves internally at IBM. s created an internal brand based on IBM Plex with a responsive experience to share their work.

We are not bookish, know-it-alls, fussy, flashy. we are quick-witted, scientific, meticulous, urbane.
Showing how the logo filters through quick-witted, scientific, meticulous, urbane.
Animation of logo evolution
Primary marks, secondary logos and icons.
Event branding
ACTS Site Design
Home page design.
Case study web page design.
Close up of design.
ACTS Merchandise
ACTS merch
2017 ACTS/WEC team pins
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