Hideaway Vinyl brand

Logos & Brand
Graphic Design
Jul 2016
Hideaway Vinyl

Hideaway Vinyl started as a conversation on a whim between two friends and quickly became a reality. I created an identity and brand inspired by listening to records in wood-paneled basements, retro-kitsch, and our shared love of tiki culture. I pored over every application of the brand — I had the unique chance to develop every application of the brand.

Images showing Hideaway Vinyl logo applications
Advertising and social media content for Hideaway Vinyl
Frequent Shopper cards, business cards, and promo cards
Images of storefront including our sign and record holders
Hideaway Vinyl price stickers and badges
Hideaway Vinyl tees and totes
Movie sponsor advertising for Hideaway Vinyl
Movie sponsoring ads
Ads for DJ/Pop-up shop experiences
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